The 'down' bits

I thought I'd best show you the 'lower' bits of the event too i.e. the photos back at the car park after each descent.

The start! Blissfully ignorant of what I was about to take on while waiting for the clock to turn 18.00hrs.

Back at the car after going up and down for the first time 20.34hrs
...and back after summit number 2 at 21.20hrs.

Pitch dark now, cloud and mist descended but I'm back after number 3 at 23.28hrs.

I dont know why I've got my headtorch on upside down but there you go! I suppose it show's how little I could use it. This is return to the car number 4 at 01.56hrs 

That's the look of someone who's just forced down tuna pasta bake at 03.52hrs after descent number 5. You can see how wet my hair is from walking through the clouds. I had a bit of a rest after this point, taking my boots off for 10 minutes and put on a fresh top. I was pretty tired at this point, Jodie had warned me that between 3 & 4am I would naturally feel worse. Her years of night shifts as a nurse were spot on - I was feeling it. Bring out the Dextrose :-) 

                                                   Oh dear!! Not a good look haha. In my hand is one of the 'foil wrapped delights' that Helen brought me - what a life saver. That's Jenx limbering up (because he's old see) in the background. In fairness, he was raring to go for his first summit after meeting me half way back on my 6th descent. This photo was taken at 06.14hrs

Typically - we forgot to take a photo of the 7th return when Helen and Linley had both joined me. Sorry.
So we jump to return number 8 at 10.57hrs, with the weather much better and Lesley and Jack's support being replaced by Karen and Shaun's.

This was after the first sprint down the hill, I was sweating a bit!! Return number 9 at 12.39hrs - plenty of time to get 12 in mun........ I threw down a a few paracetamol, ibuprofen and dextrose and off to go again feeling so good I ran a lot of the way up for summit number 10.

Even more sweaty!! 2 more up and down ....easy or so I thought at this point. I'd ran up and back down so I was going to breeze it - huh! This was taken at 14.10hrs

Ran out of fingers! 11th one done at 16.01hrs. That's Steve "the ice-cream" in the background. The guy was a bloody star! Without him I doubt we'd have raised a fraction of the £238 that we did on the day. His ice-cream is world class by the way - go visit him and tell him I sent you.

Jubilation? Relief? Sense of achievement? Gratitude? I think they all contributed to drown out the pain.                                                                                                         The End at 17.50hrs