Kit & stuff

I thought some of you might be interested to know what kit I carried/ wore; the food I ate and any other random stuff I think is relevant.

Kit - obviously I wasn't wearing all this stuff at the same time ok ;-)
Merrell Chameleon Evo Mid Goretex boots, which were excellent
Bridgedale Summit socks (two pairs at all times), which again, were excellent and combined with the boots I had no foot trouble whatsoever!! Highly recommend this combination.
Rab high wicking base layer top, which again was excellent.
Craghopper high wicking base layer top (good)
Reebok high wicking base layer top (good)
North Face Hyvent jacket, which has crappy polyester linings in the sleeves that retain moisture but otherwise it's a good waterproof.
North Face fleece good quality but low wind protection (its the one that came with the jacket).
Endura waterproof cycling jacket - superb! Totally waterproof, high wicking and cheap. Pity it isn't a bit longer though.
Ronhill Tracksters and Treksters good old faithfuls. I'd worn some Craghopper walking trousers a few times in the weeks leading up to the event but they chaffed my inner thighs something terrible!
Ronhill running shorts- not good, gave me chaffing so I went back to normal boxer shorts.
Camelbak Ventoux backpack that I use for mountain biking normally. It has excellent ventilation around the back and is light and comfortable when running. It's getting on a bit at 5yr old but it's still perfectly useable.
Walking Poles - cheap and nasty 'Antishock' poles but they did the job well. Gloves would have stopped the blisters on my thumbs.
First Aid Kit - self accumulated kit because I think the kits you can buy off the shelf contain stuff you don't need and not enough of the stuff you do need. They're also bloody heavy!

I didn't carry a lot of food because I was only a few miles from my car. I did carry Dextrose Energy tablets of which I ate a packet and a half over the 24hrs. I also ate 2 x Mars bars, 1 x Snickers, 1 x Curly Wurly and 4x cheap chocolate coated cereal bars, a few Wurthers Originals and a whole tube of Wine Gums :-)
 In the car I had  a portion of  home-made Tuna & Pasta bake, 2 rounds of cheese and ham sandwiches, all of which I ate sporadically through the night. I also ate 2 bacon panninis that Helen brought for me.
 I had other emergency boil in the bag food but didn't need it. The only other thing I ate was one of Steve's fantastic ice-creams :-)

Other Stuff
LED Headtorch
Large spotlight (didn't need it, left it in the car as backup)
Small LED torch (very handy)
Emergency Blanket
Mobile Phone + Rolson Emergency Charger and spare AA batteries
Flint and Steel
Pocket Rocket stove, gas canister and Titan Kettle (left in the car and used for Helen more than me)

If I do it again or do something similar, I'll make sure I don't forget my MP4 player because singing songs that you make up as you go along and talking to yourself in the dark isn't good - you never know who's listening!!

Navigation - I know this place like the back of my hand and anyone who's been up the route can testify that to get lost on it, even in the worst of conditions, is vitually impossible unless you're a total novice or stranger to the area. With that in mind I didn't take a map and compass with me but I did have GPS on my phone should I need to direct emergency services in.